Honghu Park to hold lotus flower show soon

Writer: Cao Zhen  | Editor: Vincent Lin  | From: Shenzhen Daily
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Please Note

As lotus flowers are expected to be in full bloom in June, Honghu Park in Luohu District will hold its annual lotus flower show in mid-June. Visitors are invited to join a photography contest, and well-shot photos will be exhibited at the flower show.

Visitors can take photos of all kinds of flowers, birds, insects and landscape in the park. The size of each photo should be at least 5 MB. Each candidate can send no more than five works (five single or sets of photos; each set no more than four photos). Works should be compressed as a pack and sent to szxgz1516@126.com by May 31, along with the candidate’s name and mobile phone number. If your photos are chosen for the exhibition, you will be paid 100 yuan for each work.

A photo of lotus flowers in Honghu Park taken by Zhou Hongxia. Photo from WeChat account “mlszgzh”

Summer is the best season for visitors to enjoy blossoming lotus flowers. Since ancient times, countless Chinese poems have praised the beauty of the pink, purple and white flowers. The annual lotus flower exhibition in the park started in 1988 and visitors can admire some flowers in bud now, and enjoy blooms from June through August.

Visitors can also try their luck to find twin lotuses on one stalk in the park. Twin lotuses blooming on one stalk are rare, so they are symbols of romance in China. Every summer, the park invites visitors to find twin lotuses.

Experts suggest that the best time to see flowers is between sunrise and 11 a.m., which is when the sunlight is softer and the elegance of flowers’ shapes and natural colors can best be seen.